Mr. Haji Shalala is the President and one of the most experienced leaders of Ziarmal Asil Logistic Services Company. Bringing his remarkable years of experience to the most grounded and integrated logistics service company, he has taken the company to new heights ever since its inception. Haji Shalala works tirelessly for building a strong culture among the team members, helping them grow, scale and succeed. His leadership skills and vision to make ZALSC the No. 1 logistics company in the world, helps us sustain as the industry experts and achieve goals.



With an extensive experience in logistics and supply chain, Ziarmal Dadhaq brings with him loads of enthusiasm and energy. Currently serving as the CEO & Vice President of ZALSC, Ziarmal is responsible for executing turn-key projects for the company.

He joined Ziarmal Asil Trading as its Vice President while he was completing his graduation in civil engineering from Dawat University, Kabul, Afghanistan. He has ever since accomplished several milestones for the company. With his vision to expand Ziarmal Asil Logistic Services Company all around the world, he is further sharpening his skills by pursuing BBA from Kardan University, Kabul, Afghanistan. His emotional connection with the company and strong willpower acts as an excellent asset for ZALSC.