We provide heavy materials to general and specialty contracting companies. Architecture, engineering, and manufacturing firms are the major industries in which our clients hail from. We understand the complexities, which these equipment have and provide an unmatched quality with ultra-durable material. ZALSC is a supplier of building materials, uniforms, and many other such products. The list includes:

  • Heavy equipments
  • Hand and submersible pumps
  • Spare parts including pipes
  • General agriculture equipments and hand tools
  • Procurement Generators and generator spare parts
  • Vehicle spare parts, including tires and batteries
  • Construction tools
  • Translation Equipment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Security equipment (Bulletproof Jacket(vests) & helmet)
  • Barricade materials
  • Diesel, fuel and lubricants
  • Clothing, Police Uniforms & Equipment

Ziarmal Asil Logistic Services Company deals with the full product line for selling and renting such items. Major product lines require expertise in providing the right amount and quality of materials. So, we supply materials from top quality manufacturers.